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Welcome to Merit Training Corporation

For over twenty years, Merit has been providing clients high-quality training programs. The modules offered on this website represent our most widely used topics, topics that develop employee skills, knowledge and attitude, and make for a more productive and efficient workplace.

In addition to a complete and robust curricula, Merit offers a world class Coaching Process that many organizations have found even more cost efficient and effective than training, and a method for the selection of their future leaders for succession planning.

Hundreds of our clients have used these services and programs to develop their human capital assets, create the supporting culture to gain a market edge, and to succeed in the volatile global markets today. Each program comes with the tools and lasting techniques that can make any organization develop their own internal capability for a lasting effect.

• Integrated Approach - Modules designed to link together
• In-house Training (we can deliver)
• Consultants Available to Facilitate
• Customization Available
• Industry Adaptable
• Comprehensive Leader's Guides Available
• License one or more modules to create an entire curriculum
• Train-the-Trainer Program Available

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