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Custom Solutions

Merit modules are designed to automatically customize themselves to your situation, thereby giving you a tailored product at a very low cost.

The "Self-Customization" Design
One of the design features built into all Merit modules is "self-customization." Many of the questions, exercises, and activities have been designed to allow the instructor and the participants to apply concepts and theory immediately to their own situation.

  • Discussion Questions are designed to encourage individuals and teams to discuss their own issues and challenges and apply module ideas and concepts to them.
  • Exercises are designed to encourage and direct the participant to apply the principles to their own problems and situations.
  • Leader's Notes contain suggestions for adding company and/or industry specific information at various points in the modules.

Organizational Consulting
Merit Solution's experts can help to assess the training needs of your organization. With decades of consulting experience we will research your company, as well as others in your industry, and make expert recomendation as to what training solutions will best solve your corporate quandries.

Your Special Requests
Should you have specific questions or requests for further customization of any of the materials, please contact Merit for availability and pricing.

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