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Leader/Trainer Curriculum

The MERIT approach includes a method of building an internal team of Leader/Trainers who can “champion” a comprehensive program, and provide continuous low cost training far into the future.

In addition to completing their respective skill curriculum, Leader/Trainers have two to three additional days of leadership and facilitation skills directly connected to the program they will teach.


It is difficult to overstate the value of including some field personnel in the MERIT Leader/ Trainer Certification Program. IBM has long used the Leader/Trainer role as a developmental step for their personnel with the aptitude and potential. We have found that this concept applied in organizations has immediate and lasting benefits:

  • Credibility. The training is coming from peers or the next level of field management. These individuals know the jobs of their students and believe in the processes and skills being taught.
  • Lasting Application. Rather than having outsiders deliver the training and then go away, your company will be left with an internal resource, the leader/trainers, who can continue to reinforce and promote the new culture in their own work units and throughout their peer groups. Some individuals will want to be involved in the ongoing implementation with new hires, promotions, and/or acquisitions. The momentum is powerful.
  • Personal Development. The individuals who are selected and developed as Leader/Trainers will grow immeasurably and multiply their contributions to you in a wide variety of ways throughout the organization.

Program Purpose. The purpose of the Leader/Trainer Certification Workshop is to provide the participants with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they will need to conduct an effective workshop. The process used in the workshop has two major areas of focus: (1) instilling an understanding of the program participants will be teaching from the students point of view; and (2) developing both the presentation and facilitation skills to enable them to run a highly interactive workshop. Once they have run a successful workshop, they will be certified to continue to train additional employees. The specific skills emphasized include presentation and facilitation skills, administration and coordination, coaching, personal development, and teamwork. Mastery of these skills, along with the experience of teaching these workshops, will significantly enhance their leadership capabilities, as well as place them in a position in their organization as internal “champions” of the concepts and skills they are teaching.

Target Audience. The workshop is designed for individuals who have been selected to be Leader/Trainers for a MERIT Program.

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