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Speaker Services, John A Maiorino

John Maiorino, President of Merit Associates is an international consultant and speaker on subjects including adopting new business strategies, leadership from within, sales strategies and building cultures. His work includes over 40 various subjects in modern theories of business practices.

John is also Executive Vice President of Merit Training and Chairman of the Board of Leadership Consult Inc. both change leaders in the large corporate international markets. John served as Director of Training Worldwide for a Fortune 500 Company responsible for training 50,000 high technology professionals.

In addition to his consulting background, John has managed over 1,000 sales and other professionals for industry leaders in consulting, information technology and video entertainment. He has served in executive positions with industry leaders Unisys, Computer Associates, Kirchman Software, Compass Technology, and Video Box Network in NYC, where his team made the cover of Fortune Magazine in 1991 for new innovations in the entertainment industry.

John is a keynote speaker at conventions, sales events or leadership conferences, with a range of presentations and subjects. As a speaker, John has spoken at conventions for: Chase Bank, the American Banking Association, National Insurance Underwriters, California Mortgage Bankers, Fannie Mae, and a host of other prestigious organizations. He holds degrees from UNH in Engineering and Marketing.

Speaker Topics:

Change Management

The topic - Change Management is an important subject for all who are experiencing change in this new dynamic global economy. While most organizations will experience a varying degree of change, many will fail at their attempt to manage the process and the people in three common ways:

  1. Failure to facilitate the process with a change strategy map, which often throws the organization into chaos and disruption.
  2. Failure to consider the change impact on the people who must process the change.
  3. Failure to Communicate the change in a manner that makes it easy for the people to follow the process and support the change.
The speaker will elaborate on a strategy that can be followed to overcome these fundamental errors in announcing and facilitating any change in an organization such as mergers, new strategic directions or culture shifts, new organizational shifts, etc. These strategies can be useful regardless of your rank or position in an organization, including going through changes in your personal or professional life.

Audience: Managers and Leaders in any business that is undergoing change.

"Over-The-Top" Market Solutions

In the new global economy, many sales professionals are looking for competitive strategies to help them grow their market share. This seminar is designed to exchange new ways to create a market for their products or services that transcend traditional selling and marketing strategies and help you build your personal productivity.

The speaker focuses on competitive strategies and sales techniques that winners have used to "go over-the-top" in reaching new heights. John Maiorino who has trained thousands of professional sales people in the art of selling and creating new strategies, has consolidated the best practices of successful people to bring to you a highly motivating session that you can take home and use immediately.

Over the Top Market Solutions can be presented in 90 minutes to four hours.

Audience: High Technology, or financial services type product or service professional sales people.

"Outfoxing the Competition"

Selling into a large corporate market requires a keen understanding of the players, and the organization. Strategic Selling takes on the challenge of identifying what tactics to take to overcome competitive moves and put yourself in the lead position to bring home the prize contract. John Maiorino offers a series of strategies that allow a sales professional to "outfox" the competition, and

Audience: High Technology or Financial Services type product or service professional sales people and sales managers.

Time: Outfoxing the competition can be presented in a two hour to one day seminar format.

"People to People – the Heart of Competitive Strategies"

People still buy from people whom they know and trust. But how does one build that relationship on a short notice and make it last? This seminar teaches ideas and strategies of how you can identify with other people and what they look for in that magic " 30 seconds" called the "first impression". By attending this talk, you will be able to cross that barrier from sales person to friend with good ethical ideas that will transform your selling tactics forever.

Audience: Any professional sales person in any industry.

Time: This seminar can be presented in a one hour to a one day format.

"Strategies for Driving the Pain out of Change"

In our highly competitive markets today, no organization can escape the challenges to change. This seminar will look at change from two perspectives, people and organizational change. This highly informative talk will provide insight into the real dilemmas all managers and leaders face when anticipating the realities of change, and strategies to overcome the errors traditionally made in these circumstances. The speaker has worked with all types of industries in 12 countries, including BOA, Edision, Ariva, Saudi Aramco, and Chemical.

Audience: Managers and Business leaders in any type of industry.

Time: This seminar can be presented in a one hour to a one day format.

"A Change of Thinking for Leaders"

If you are going to come up with new ideas to advance your vision, than you had better change the way you think. This seminar addresses the way in which you can become more of a Strategic Thinker to broaden out your ideas and new strategies to meet the demands of the dynamic marketplace. The speaker has delivered seminars in 15 countries to thousands of business and government leaders in all types of industries. The seminar is dynamic and contemporary with best practice ideas that can assist any modern leader to better understand what drives their followers and how need to think differently to lead organizational change.

Audience: Managers and Business leaders in any type of industry or government.

Time: This seminar can be presented in a one hour to a one day format.

"Great Success begins with great Strategies"

Dynamic market shifts call for new strategies that impact the way you do business. This seminar looks at how companies recognize the best alternatives for choosing how to deploy their resources to achieve the results they need to improve their market position, and how to plan their competitive strategies. In addition to developing new strategies, the speaker will cover the best alternatives to building a viable strategic plan.

Audience: Managers and Business leaders in any type of industry or government.

Time: This seminar can be presented in a two hour to a one day format.

Leadership in the 21st Century

"Leadership is Influence", and any modern manager who strives to be a leader needs to attend this seminar to understand the difference between managing and leading, and how to lead in the modern corporation. This seminar introduces the competencies and the real heart of leadership, including how to build a leadership "succession plan" for yourself and for your organization. The topics in this seminar include a look at who and how many modern leaders use their skills to get the results they need.

Audience: Any business or government manager in a line or higher position.

Time: This seminar can be presented in a one hour to a one day format. Longer three day versions are also available for in-house seminars.

Building a Sales and/or Service “Culture”

Organizations in the highly competitive global market, have seen their market position difficult to maintain or grow. The answer for many is to change their organizational behavior to become more market driven by building a sales or service oriented culture. This seminar illustrates the ten climate change elements that are necessary for changing a culture and becoming more competitive in today’s market.

John Maiorino has helped organizations the size of Bank of America, Edison Power, and National Trust develop their new culture using a process he will share with the audience. This process has been used by over 200 major organizations in the world, and can work for any size company or organization.

Audience: Any leader or senior manager in an organization undergoing change or increased competition.

Time: This seminar can be 2 hours to 2 days depending on the audience.

"Roadmap to Change"

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, the customer is King, which means control over who gets the business. Organizations must create the kind of "culture" that supports a strategy that deals with the expectations of their client base, which may include a highly motivated and service oriented people, or a move to promote their services more vigorously. This seminar will demonstrate how to chose and execute a roadmap to change the culture of any organization to adapt to the changing demands of their marketplace.

Audience: Business or Government leaders and managers.

Time: This seminar can be presented in a 90 minute to a one day format.

"A Sense of Significance"

Motivating today’s workforce is a ever challenging chore for modern leaders who face the many obstacles to higher productivity while trying to figure out what motivates today’s workforce. Are the people coming into the workforce motivated differently than the "baby boomers", and what will it take to get all my people to a level of higher standards? This seminar provides valuable insight into the heart of motivation – the creation of significance, that defines the universal inspiration behind all diversities and age groups. The subject defines the problem and offers leaders with ideas that allows them to build a highly productive culture.

Audience: Any business or government manager in a line or higher position.

Time: This seminar can be presented in a one hour to a three hour format.

The Keys to Successful Coaching:

This seminar will demonstrate the tactics used by some of the worlds’ best coaches and leaders to assist their people in becoming all that they can be. A step by step process will be introduced that will allow the participant to understand the real essence of how people learn and appropriate new skills and knowledge.

Audience: Managers who much coach their people.

Time: This seminar can be presented in a one hour to a four hour format.

"Choosing Winners the First Time"

One of the most challenging functions to any organization is recruiting and hiring the right person the first time – or pay the consequences for years to come! This seminar demonstrates how you can improve your hiring strategies using new tools and techniques that have paved the way to better understand what is "under the hood" before hiring a person who may not turn out to be the right person. This informative seminar includes a demonstration and results oriented program that any organization can use to improve their bottom line.

Audience: Sales or Service Managers or anyone responsible for recruiting and hiring professional people such as financial, sales, managers, etc.

Time: This seminar can be presented in a one hour to a one day format.

Effective Communicating and Presentations every time

One of the most important and effective skills anyone in business or politics can have is the skill of sharing their thoughts and ideas with others in a manner that both motivates them to action, instructs them or provides a path for "followship". Leaders especially need to communicate their vision, and strategies in such a manner that makes their people want to follow and support their direction. This seminar teaches some of the most essential skills to making a very interesting and informative speech or any communication so that it becomes clear and inspiring where necessary.

Audience: Anyone who must communicate to a small or large audience.

Time: This seminar can be presented in a two hour to a one day format. A more comprehensive workshop is available for companies that want to build this skill for their people with video feedback and coaching.

Creative Thinking and Innovation: "If it Ain’t Broke, Break it!"

Innovation is a result of creative thought through the exchange of ideas that lead to discovering a new and better way to achieve a result. In this fascinating seminar, we discuss how you, or any organization can become more creative by tapping into the natural God given talent we all possess, but often fail to use to be more creative. The seminar demonstrates how people can be more creative and organizations can create a more innovative environment to handle the many challenges of today’s competitive markets.

Audience: Any organization that needs to improve their products for competitive position through finding more innovative ideas for developing their service. Managers, engineers, etc. can all benefit from this seminar.

Time: This seminar can be presented in a 90 minute to a one day format.

Contact John A Maiorino at (757) 546 7703 or JohnM@merittrainingcorp.com to book an event.

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