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  Who We Are

Merit Training Corporation is a consulting, change management, and skills training company. For many years Merit has specialized in change management, working with organizations that want to refocus or enhance their corporate culture.

The integration of the Merit change management process, the Merit leadership development process, and the Stanford emotional and social intelligence skills development process, was so successful in the Call Center environment, that Merit formed Engagement Performance Group (EPG) division in 2014, to focus exclusively on delivering the Customer Engagement Culture Process and Products to the contact center environment.

The Engagement Performance Group (EPG) division was formed in response to the growing demand for a simple and systematic approach to building and enhancing a positive corporate culture in contact centers, one that provides higher levels of employee engagement and higher levels of customer engagement and loyalty. EPG provides contact center leaders and agents with the emotional and social intelligence skills needed to create exceptional customer experiences.

The EPG division evolved from this work. Several years ago, Ted Anstedt, CEO of Merit, took a sabbatical and returned to his alma mater, Stanford University, to research the latest trends in neuroscience and applied psychology. At Stanford,he worked with Dr. Laura Delizonna to develop a series of courses for Stanford Continuing Studies (SCS).

The Stanford courses focus on the application of the insights from Positive Psychology to the challenges of contemporary life and business. This yearlong series of courses includes Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence, Strategic Happiness: How to Thrive at Work, Mindful Leadership, and Thrive: Self-Coaching for Happiness and Success. The courses have become some of the most popular courses offered by SCS.

In addition to regular Stanford students, the courses are attended by executives, managers, and employees of many Silicon Valley companies including Apple, Google, Facebook, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Stanford Hospital, Stanford Business School, etc. The thousands of students who have taken the courses over the years have provided a great deal of insight on the best practices that work in various organizational environments.


One of the most important understandings that we gained at Merit Training Corporation, from our years working with companies who were going through organizational change and consciously re-creating their organizational cultures, is that communication, leadership, and credible role models are key elements in creating the transformational change in culture.

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